New owner information

Pacific City is not an incorporated city, but rather a community that is under the legal jurisdiction of Tillamook County for land use, county road maintenance, and law enforcement. Pacific City Joint Water-Sanitary Authority (PCJWSA) has the authority to enact ordinances and policy resolutions that regulate the use of water and sewer services within its geographic boundaries.

Billings and Payments:

We bill property owners, not tenants. We do not offer reduced rates for vacations or absentee owner. Water meters are read between the 18th and the 22nd of each month. During this time, we expect your water meter to be free of encumbrances – i.e. sand, rocks, debris, vehicles and landscaping. If we have to remove encumbrances to read your meter, it will be at your expense. Billings are sent during the last week of each month and are due and payable on the 10th of the month following the billing. We accept cash, checks, and credit card payments or pay on the web at

Water consumption, as shown on your billing, is measured in cubic feet. To calculate how many gallons you have used, multiply the cubic feet by 7.48. To calculate your monthly charges please see the enclosed rate sheet or check online at

Delinquent Accounts:

If your account becomes delinquent, we will first send you a notice of impending service termination unless your balance is paid by the date indicated on the notice. If you do not respond by that date, your service will be locked and/or removed and a $100.00 service lockoff fee added to your account balance. In order to have your service restored, you will then be required to pay the entire balance. We charge 18% per annum for past due balances. Our fee for returned checks due to insufficient funds, stop payment, closed account, etc. is $25.00 per returned check. If you have financial difficulties and are unable to pay your entire bill prior to service termination, call our office for short-term options.

Other Information:

If PCJWSA’s scheduled maintenance activities, such as line flushing, threaten to interrupt your water service for an extended period, our policy has been to inform you, either by a message in your monthly water/sewer bill or a hand-delivered notice to your residence. However, a water­­line break would constitute an emergency, and our priority is to get the water shut off and repairs made to the waterline as soon as possible, so it isn’t likely we would have time to deliver a notice to your door. If your water has been off due to a waterline break or waterline flushing, once water is restored open your taps and let the water run until clear before consuming.

The water meter and water meter valve that serves your property belongs to PCJWSA. We repair and/or replace the meter and its associated components as necessary. The meter shut-off valve is not to be used as your personal water shut-off.

Because PCJWSA locks meters in the, “open” position for normal service, you should install your own water shut-off valve downstream of the water meter in a separate valve box if one is not already present. New water service installations (After Nov. 1, 2011) will come with an owner’s personal water shut-off valve already installed.

If you attempt to use the PCJWSA meter shut-off valve and you break any of the components, PCJWSA will bill you for time and materials to effect repairs.

If you do not have a personal water shut-off valve and would like to install one, please contact our office to schedule a time for our personnel to turn your water off for you. If you need after-hour emergency assistance to turn your water off, our standard emergency callout fees will apply. Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Our office phone number is 503-965-6636.

If your meter is shut off at your request, you will continue to receive monthly billings, unless you opt for an ‘Indefinite Lockoff,’ whereby we turn your meter off, place a padlock on it and stop billing until you send us a written notice to unlock it. The procedure is to submit a signed request telling us when to lock the meter and include the fee of $200.00 plus your account balance.

Water service connection fees, system development charges and monthly user fees apply to one service connection. Additional connections on a permitted property, such as converting a single family dwelling unit into a multi-family dwelling unit, motor homes, travel trailers or any type of RV, are expressly forbidden without first having made application for permission to connect, along with the payment of additional connection fees and properly installed water lines. Monthly billing for additional connections shall be separate from the primary residence.

PCJWSA prohibits the discharge from floor drains or rainwater runoff, by downspout or other means, into the sanitary sewer system.

Backflow Prevention Assembly

The Oregon State Health Division and Uniform Plumbing Code both require property owners to install backflow prevention assemblies on their waterlines if their dwellings or accessory structures use the water service for other than usual living needs. Examples of unusual uses would be the use of underground sprinklers or a recirculating heating system using under-floor waterlines. For more examples of unusual uses, ask for our Cross Connection Control Survey.