Contractor Information

Contractor Information

Pacific City Joint Water-Sanitary Authority’s (PCJWSA) policy is to require contractors to provide a copy of his/her current Oregon State licenses, a Certificate of Liability Insurance and Bonding. Sending or faxing us a copy of your licenses and proof of insurance as you renew them each year will help the permitting process to proceed more smoothly and avoid unnecessary delays in construction. If you have not provided PCJWSA with this information recently, please take the time to submit that information now.

Prior to excavating for, or making physical connection to the public sewer or water mains, the property owner/contractor is required to provide the PCJWSA with the following:

  • An approved Tillamook County Building Permit
  • A completed Sewer/Water Service Permit Application, signed by the property owner;
  • Required sewer/water connection fees and charges;
  • The proposed structure’s sewer line location, depth and vertical fall of all proposed sewer lines;
  • A copy of Oregon Construction Contractor Board license (CCB);
  • A copy of his/her Oregon DEQ On-site System Installer’s license (for sewer only);
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars), naming Pacific City JWSA as additionally insured;
  • Proof of bonding in the minimum amount of $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollars)

The requirements listed below shall apply to all sewer/water lines being installed within the Tillamook County road rights-of-way.

Along with the road-crossing permit, the owner or contractor shall submit sewer/water installation plans and specifications to the PCJWSA office for approval prior to starting work. The plans shall include the following:

  • Property owner and contractor names & phone numbers;
  • Legal description (township, range, section and Taxlot numbers) of the project;
  • A Taxlot map showing property corners;
  • The proposed structure’s sewer line location, depth and vertical fall of sewer lines;
  • Culverts, road profile, and the width, depth and location of sewer and water mains in relation to Tillamook County roads, power poles and other appurtenances as required by the Tillamook County Public Works Department;
  • Utilities and roads shall be shown in plan view (as if looking down on it) and cross-sectional (as if looking from a side view)